A Conversation About Shared Experiences, Lifting Each Other Up, And Thriving In A Community Of People Who Do Hard Things.

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We're Chris & Mary Catherine Pilon

This podcast started with an idea to try and take the things that we've learned about life through experience and from other people so that we could share with others and learn even more. It's also about just recognizing that we don't know everything and that's okay. But, more importantly, spending time in community will help us deal with anything.

What listeners are saying:

"I enjoy listening to Chris and Mary Catherine while I do chores or work out. Their energy comes through the podcast while the topics help remind me that we all face challenges in our lives. That reminder helps me keep going, facing my own "hard things."

Y. Patakos

“After a hard day at work, I love listening to Chris and Mary Catherine. They make me laugh and remind me to keep things in perspective.”

C. Irby


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