About Us

Hi, we are Chris and Mary Catherine Pilon, co-founders of the We Do Hard Things Podcast.   The show was born partly out of wanting to talk
through the things that we deal with but, more importantly, with the hope that we could share our stories and the stories of others that could help people who were struggling with the hard things in their lives.  "We Do Hard Things" is a saying that Mary Catherine uses with her special education students, her friends and, yes, even me. It's a reminder that we can deal with difficult things because we've already done it before. 

We knew it was possible for us to deal with our own struggles through simply communicating with each other on the show but the idea of being able to help other people sealed the deal. The most important thing that we have found, though, is that we need to take chances, get uncomfortable, and jump into things we would never believe we could do. That’s what We Do Hard Things is all about. It’s reminding people, including ourselves, that there are no obstacles too big in life to try and conquer.