June 20, 2021

Why We Do Hard Things

Why We Do Hard Things

My wife, Mary Catherine, and I have a podcast called We Do Hard Things. We get some downloads, mostly from friends and family, but we enjoy recording it and putting it out in the world every week. So, why do we do it? Speaking for myself, it’s mostly because it’s something I never thought I’d be able to do.

See, I lack confidence, self-esteem, and a number of other skills that people who podcast have in their arsenal. I’m not asking for sympathy — just stating the facts that are probably obvious to anyone and everyone who has ever met me.

Almost eight years ago, I decided I was tired of being THAT person. I wanted to be someone and something else. I started writing a blog, which led to a podcast, which in turn led to being more comfortable at public speaking. These are all skills that I never expected to be comfortable at, let alone be excited to do.

But, that is what really led me to joining forces with Mary Catherine in creating We Do Hard Things. Mary Catherine is a special ed teacher and she sees kids doing hard things every day she is at work. She, in fact, has reminded her students for years that they can “do hard things.” When we started talking about finally doing a podcast together (when I ended my own podcast), we discussed what it might look like and our show name became obvious to both of us as it is phrase that Mary Catherine uses in our home daily.

The podcast was born partly out of wanting to talk through the things that we deal with but, more importantly, with the hope that we could share our stories and the stories of others that could help people who were struggling with the hard things in their lives.

We knew the podcast could help us with our own struggles through just communicating with each other on the show but the idea of being able to help other people sealed the deal. The most important thing that I have found, though, is that I need to take chances, get uncomfortable, and jump into things I would never believe I could do. That’s what We Do Hard Things is all about. It’s reminding people, including ourselves, that there are no obstacles too big in life to try and conquer. You might not reach every goal you set or climb every mountain you begin to climb but just trying is oftentimes enough.