About Mary Catherine

This would be a lot easier to write in third person, I am married to Christopher Pilon, mother to Jacqueline and Harrison, and keeper of two unruly and spoiled dogs, Bachelor and Nina. My hobbies include studying Neural Education, podcasting, singing at church, yoga, and doing my best to solve all the world’s problems between the hours of 8pm and 4:45 am. I am a Special Education Teacher - Neural Educator, and I love my students! I have taught special education in middle and high school and enjoy teenagers very much. I humbly submit that I consider myself a Christian and rest in God’s promises and in the gift given to me through His son Jesus. Yes, we are all messed up, broken people…I adore Fr. Gregory Boyle who reminds us that “we belong to one another”. Welcome to our WDHT community, we ARE better together.