Dec. 14, 2020

Merry Christmas - Here's Your Bill!

Merry Christmas - Here's Your Bill!

Today on We Do Hard Things:  Merry Christmas, here’s your bill!!  We’ll share some ideas of how we use a budget not just for our monthly expenses but for other things that come once a year, like Christmas...Birthdays, or uh Ground Hog Day.


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[00:00:00] Chris: [00:00:00] Today on, we do hard things. Merry Christmas. Here's your bill. We'll share some ideas of how we use a budget, not just for our monthly expenses, but for other things that come once a year, like Christmas, birthdays, [00:00:15] or Groundhog day

[00:00:30] Voice: [00:00:34] recording from Jamison studio. Welcome to the, we 

do hard things, 

podcast, a conversation about shared experiences, lifting each other up and [00:00:45] thriving in a community of people who do hard things. 

Now, here are your hosts, Chris 

and Mary Catherine.

[00:01:00] Chris: [00:01:00] What's up everybody. 

Mary: [00:01:02] Hello? Hello. Hello, 

Chris: [00:01:03] this is Chris 

Mary: [00:01:04] and this is Mary Catherine. 

Chris: [00:01:06] Welcome to we do hard things. 

Mary: [00:01:09] So w D H T baby 

Chris: [00:01:11] w DHT 

Mary: [00:01:13] [00:01:15] Gracie laid down. 

Chris: [00:01:16] Yes, she did. She are podcasting. Dog is loving. This, I think she's just calmed down and just chill on in the car. 

Mary: [00:01:27] Yeah. You moved your office around and it took her about [00:01:30] 25 minutes.

Chris: [00:01:32] Do you think? And again, I don't call it my office. I call it a studio, my studio 

Mary: [00:01:37] studios, 

Chris: [00:01:39] and it is a little different, I changed it up a little bit, so we could kind of look eye to [00:01:45] eye while we're podcasting. And I also did it because at the beginning of the year, I want to start. To videotape it and maybe even do a live stream of the podcast before we put it out into the world on both [00:02:00] podcasts and also onto YouTube.

Right. Um, so people can see how beautiful you are and how I married up. 

Mary: [00:02:11] I don't know if everyone's going to agree to that. 

Chris: [00:02:14] Believe me. [00:02:15] I've seen myself on camera. You will, you look way better than me. And, uh, and that's not on camera. You look better than me. So on camera, you're gonna look even better. I'm sure.

I hope so because I'm going to get some good lighting in here. Oh good. And some new [00:02:30] tripods and it will look. Semi-professional 

Mary: [00:02:33] nice. 

Chris: [00:02:34] I mean, I'm not an expert, I'm not a YouTube streamer. 

Mary: [00:02:37] Alerus and I'll hook you up 

Chris: [00:02:38] or a gamer that likes to a stream there. I don't understand that people, that there's a whole [00:02:45] thing where people will 

Mary: [00:02:45] watch people play video games 

Chris: [00:02:47] and they'll stream themselves playing video games.

Like they'll, you'll see the video game on the screen and then you'll see them. And then the corner. Yeah. Playing in pieces. Yeah. I don't get it. What's up with that. 

Mary: [00:02:56] I don't know. But we do watch, uh, uh, [00:03:00] HDTV and we watched people redo houses and stuff. 

Chris: [00:03:03] Yeah. That's different. 

Mary: [00:03:05] Maybe it's kind of the same thing.

Cause if you want to learn how to play a video game, you'd watch somebody play it. Right. 

Chris: [00:03:10] I guess so. 

Mary: [00:03:11] And especially right now in COVID where everybody's at home by themselves. [00:03:15] It's a way to like watch other people. 

Chris: [00:03:17] That's true. I know. I mean, we have cameras in our house. Why don't we just stream them? And they, people can see, how will we live our lives.

Mary: [00:03:22] Let's not do that. 

Chris: [00:03:23] Why not? 

Mary: [00:03:24] Because I don't want to be on camera all the time. 

Chris: [00:03:27] That's my point. Why would people play a video game with, be on camera? 

[00:03:30] Mary: [00:03:30] He walked me right in there and sat me down. 

Chris: [00:03:33] Who does that? 

Mary: [00:03:34] Um, people who are making money off YouTube, 

Chris: [00:03:37] I want to make money off of YouTube. 

Mary: [00:03:39] Okay. Let's go. All 

Chris: [00:03:40] right.

Let's stream our whole life. 

Mary: [00:03:42] No, I don't think people, I think people will be pretty bored of [00:03:45] watching Gracie, uh, play with socks. I don't know. Maybe Gracie vision. 

Chris: [00:03:49] Gracie vision would be good. Cause especially when we're not at home, 

Mary: [00:03:53] right. She's a stinker 

Chris: [00:03:54] who knows what she does. 

Mary: [00:03:55] Well, if he Harrison's bedroom door open, it'll be a party.

Yes. [00:04:00] She likes to go in there and get his items and bring them downstairs, run around the living room with them 

Chris: [00:04:04] there. I think there are more Harrison socks down in the living room than in his bedroom. 

Mary: [00:04:09] Absolutely positive. 

Chris: [00:04:11] I don't know why she likes socks so much 

Mary: [00:04:13] because they smell like him even after [00:04:15] they're washed.

Sure. Supersonic knows. 

Chris: [00:04:18] Right. That's true. Yep. I didn't think of that. 

Mary: [00:04:20] So he finally started ordering Christmas present. 

Chris: [00:04:23] I did, uh, I did off of Amazon. I'm not going to the mall. Cause the last time we went to the [00:04:30] mall, We walked through the food court and it looked like a super spreader convention. And with people met with masks, you know, hanging below their chins and you know, some people have masks over their glasses [00:04:45] and their mouth was white.

Mary: [00:04:47] I don't understand why people are leaving their noses out. 

Chris: [00:04:49] I don't either. 

Mary: [00:04:50] Like you don't breathe with your nose. 

Chris: [00:04:52] Right? Come on now. I mean, there's air moving in and out of the nostrils. I think we know this. That's how you get up. That's how you end up with dried up buggers in there. 

[00:05:00] Mary: [00:05:00] I did watch, 

Chris: [00:05:02] um, you're just going to go right over my boogers.

Mary: [00:05:04] I know I'm adding to it. I watched a young man that we both know very well, put his finger in his nose and go 

Chris: [00:05:13] like a snot rocket, 

Mary: [00:05:14] but on his, [00:05:15] onto his finger. 

Chris: [00:05:15] Oh, well it's better than going onto your shirt. 

Mary: [00:05:18] And I said, You're going to go wash your hands now, right? Cause you just blew like a super blow of Corona onto your finger.

Chris: [00:05:27] His podcast has really turned a corner. [00:05:30] I thought we were talking about Christmas shopping. 

Mary: [00:05:32] Oh, let's go back to Christmas shopping. 

Chris: [00:05:34] So I did a lot of shopping online, which we've been doing for a few years anyways. Right, right. And I feel good about it. Last year. I actually had. Uh, [00:05:45] Amazon wrapped the gifts for me, but really put them in the gift bags.

I guess I love those 

Mary: [00:05:49] bags. 

Chris: [00:05:50] I know. Right? Well, this year I went and I ordered a bunch of stuff and then I forgot to do that. So then yesterday I had, while you were gone and nobody is in the house, but me. Yeah, [00:06:00] Gracie, I actually wrapped the presence, which I'm awful at. And I get made fun of every year.

That's why I switched to doing Amazon, having the Amazon Rob last year. And I did a pretty good job this year. 

Mary: [00:06:12] I noticed I may have been picking at the gifts [00:06:15] five. 

Chris: [00:06:16] You didn't open any digit? 

Mary: [00:06:17] No, but I really wanted to shake them. 

Chris: [00:06:19] Oh, bye. You got it. You can't do that. You're you're just too old for that. So listen to me.

I found the key to wrapping a [00:06:30] good present. 

Mary: [00:06:30] Okay. 

Chris: [00:06:30] Let's hear. This is where I've been going wrong for years, right? 

Mary: [00:06:34] Okay. 

Chris: [00:06:35] Do you think I'm an impatient person? 

Mary: [00:06:39] Depends. 

Chris: [00:06:40] I'm very impatient. Okay. I almost cut you off because I was so [00:06:45] impatient waiting for your response to that question. 

Mary: [00:06:47] You are impatient when you're trying to teach us how to do something with technology that's for sure.

Cause you can read like 7,000 times faster than me. 

Chris: [00:06:54] So you know how I don't like. I think that Christmas [00:07:00] cards are dumb. 

Mary: [00:07:01] Yep. We have a new card, holiday card policy and 

Chris: [00:07:03] birthday cards are dumb. Right. I hate it. 

Mary: [00:07:07] Sure. 

Chris: [00:07:08] I just don't see the point of giving somebody a car that they're going to open up, read [00:07:15] it and then really throw it away.

Right. I don't see the point of that. Right. So I don't remember where I was going with this. But it seems to me that that's a waste of time. And I think so I know where I'm going. So I think wrapping [00:07:30] presents is a waste of time too. What are you going to do? You can tear that paper off. You're gonna throw it away or burn it or whatever.

Mary: [00:07:35] Right. I've never teased you about your rapping because like you said, I don't care. I just want to rip it off. Right, 

Chris: [00:07:40] right. Right. So, so that's the thing that bothers me about gift wrapping. [00:07:45] I think it's a waste of time. Okay. That's all I have to say about that. 

Mary: [00:07:48] Well, I'm bummed that you didn't get the Amazon gift wraps because I'm using those bags to wrap presents this year, and now I'm not going to have them throughout the year.

Chris: [00:07:56] Right. 

Mary: [00:07:56] So you should have got more. You might have to order some me, [00:08:00] some new things off Amazon gift wrap. 

Chris: [00:08:02] I'll try, but it, you know, it costs extra, right. 

Mary: [00:08:04] It's five bucks, so worth it. 

Chris: [00:08:06] And I'm kind of cheap about stuff like that, which brings me to our topic today. Right. And we'll, we'll talk about. Um, [00:08:15] just the idea of how debt is bad, especially this time of year.

Excuse me. Yes. I'm trying to find a total Mendel me to meet you. Do you have any money back?

[00:08:30] These guys are looking for odd turbo, man. Yes.

[00:08:45] yeah, that was from jingle all the way. Remember that movie? 

Mary: [00:08:55] I 

Chris: [00:08:55] love that movie. That's a good movie. 

Mary: [00:08:57] That's pretty great. 

Chris: [00:08:58] Um, but it's just, [00:09:00] you know, part of the idea of, you know, Christmas is really commercial now, and there are so much out there, especially for kids that they really want. Right? So you end up spending all kinds of money.

[00:09:15] We've learned over the years, uh, when we started to become debt-free that that's not something we wanted to play a part of. No. Right. So I was looking, doing some research on the internet and I found out, huh, I went to magnify [00:09:30], which is pretty, pretty good site about money. Americans racked up an average of $1,325 in debt during the last holiday season.

That's 2019. And that's up. From [00:09:45] 1,230 in 2018. And then all the way back in 2016, which was four years ago, a whole four years, it was only $1,003. So it's gone up $300 since then in the last really three years. Right. So [00:10:00] that works out to a payment of about $102 and 50 cents per month plus interest to pay it all off.

Before that, following Christmas, I 

Mary: [00:10:08] swear you get to do it all over again. 

Chris: [00:10:10] Right? So here's the thing. It doesn't have to be that way. I'm telling you [00:10:15] right now. It does not have to be that way. So imagine how different the holidays would feel if you just paid for everything in cash. Would that be awesome?

It'd be great. Well, that's what we do. Yeah. Basically. That's what we do. Right. [00:10:30] So, you know, budgeting is such a huge deal. Um, that we've, you know, looked at it as really a lifesaver for our marriage, for our family, for our life. So. I [00:10:45] think, and I don't know about you, but when I'm on Amazon right now, I'm not very stressed out about Christmas or the holidays or whatever.

Right. Cause we have categories. 

Mary: [00:10:55] Yeah, we do. And it's great. It's. [00:11:00] Um, it's super great to have categories. Cause then you can see what you got to spend, but you can also be like, Oh, I need like $50 more and it's the 20th of the month, but we're still got a thousand dollars in gas, which would be ridiculous.

But, [00:11:15] um, That we have enough money to cover it. So you can move things around in your budget. 

Chris: [00:11:19] Yes. And we do that with you need a budget or why now what we call it. We've talked about it on the show before. So super easy though. Right? So now if you're not budgeting and [00:11:30] we're going through Christmas right now, I suggest.

Looking ahead for next year and not just Christmas, but birthdays or whatever holidays you buy gifts for. Um, not, not Groundhog day. 

Mary: [00:11:44] We have [00:11:45] never celebrated Groundhog day at all. The last two weeks worth of loving a Groundhog days. 

Chris: [00:11:52] I celebrated in my head. 

Mary: [00:11:54] You play that movie. 

Chris: [00:11:55] I love that movie. I would love, I mean, seriously, I would love it [00:12:00] if I was bill Murray in Groundhog day.

So if not, for, for anything to learn how to play the piano or do all this stuff I always wanted to do, but never have the time or, you know, I would love it to be forced into that position. All right, [00:12:15] I've gone. I've 

Mary: [00:12:15] I've done. 

Chris: [00:12:17] So 

Mary: [00:12:18] you scared me a minute there for a second though, because, um, I remembered what it was like to live without a budget and my stomach clenched.

And I [00:12:30] really like, that's a scary time. Yeah. Go into the gas pump and wondering if your, um, if you'll have enough money to eat. 

Chris: [00:12:37] Yep. 

Mary: [00:12:38] Or should you only fill it, put like $10 in your gas tank, but now it's just like, I just fill up with wild [00:12:45] abandon. So, um, I never want to go back to a time like that ever again.

Chris: [00:12:49] I don't blame you. I don't blame you, but it's super easy. Right. So if you haven't budgeted before. And next year you're looking for at Christmas for next year. How [00:13:00] can you have this stress fif stress free feeling? That's hard to say, uh, super easy, right? Look at what you, what you spent this year for Christmas.

Sure. And divide it by 12. 

Mary: [00:13:13] When you want to divide it by 11. So [00:13:15] that at the beginning of December or the end of November, you can start just spending 

Chris: [00:13:20] budget. You would think so. 

Mary: [00:13:21] Oh, I'm wrong. I get bought money weird. 

Chris: [00:13:24] No. Yeah. I mean, you could, you could do it that way if you wanted, you know, but if you think about it, if you're [00:13:30] putting a, let's say it's, let's say you're gonna spend $1,200 on Christmas.

Sure. So you would save a hundred dollars a month for 12 months, right? So let's say you wanted to get, take advantage of the prime day, you know, black Friday, right by November. You already have [00:13:45] $1,100 in the bank by Thanksgiving. Sure. And your category. So you can start spending that. And then that last December, the last month, right?

That last hundred dollars, maybe that's for, you know, goodies, 

Mary: [00:13:58] stockings 

Chris: [00:13:59] to [00:14:00] stocking suffers, whatever. Right? The things that you're going to get at the last minute that the ham that you're going to make for, for Christmas, and you can throw whatever you want in that budget. Right. You can write. You can not just gifts, but everything that you're going to spend on the holiday, whether it's decorations, like, [00:14:15] you know, some stuff for the yard or whatever, you can throw that all into that category and then divide it by 12 and bone.

You might buy something in February, right? We've got $200 saved up after two months. Maybe you [00:14:30] found the gift that you want for me. And you just walked into it and you're like, all right, I got 200 bucks. I'll spend that on Chris. Right now. 

Mary: [00:14:36] I can see where that would come in handy, but I can also not see me holding onto a gift for you for 10 minutes.

Chris: [00:14:42] That's true. Um, I would probably get it [00:14:45] before, uh, Easter. Yeah, I got mine. 

Mary: [00:14:47] You'd get it before I got my jacket off coming in the house. Right. 

Chris: [00:14:51] But that's, that's how it works. Right? You create your custom budget or just set up a, an account, maybe make your savings account [00:15:00] just for gifts or entertainment, travel, whatever else you want to throw into that category and just start feeding that money even better.

Have it go into that account automatically. 

Mary: [00:15:10] And that's what we did to be able to go on vacations. 

Chris: [00:15:13] Right. Yes, we do the same [00:15:15] thing. We do the same thing for vacations, right? If you want to, if you want to plan a big vacation to Jamaica that we still haven't taken yet. Yes. You plan three or four years ahead of time by putting a little bit of money in that account every month.

Right. Without even you're not even [00:15:30] going to miss it 

Mary: [00:15:30] right now. You're really not. 

Chris: [00:15:31] It's it's part of your vacation. Uh, it's part of your budget, right? You're it's worry-free it's guilt free shopping. You just set a little aside every month. You'll be able to enjoy the holidays without leaning on that credit [00:15:45] card or going broke next December.

Boom. And wouldn't it be more fun to watch that Christmas cash? Yes. Pile up. Yes. Instead of your debt. 

Mary: [00:15:56] Yes. And get interest on Christmas cash too. 

[00:16:00] Chris: [00:15:59] Oh. You just made a nice job. 

Mary: [00:16:04] He's surprised you hear the surprise in his voice. 

Chris: [00:16:06] This made a great point, right? It's like taxes, 

Mary: [00:16:11] right? 

Chris: [00:16:11] Why would you pay more taxes throughout the [00:16:15] year?

So the government could hold onto your money and make interest off of it. Just make sure that you have your w four set up. So they're not getting more than they deserve. Right. And that way, you know, 

Mary: [00:16:29] it's yours, 

Chris: [00:16:29] it's [00:16:30] your money to get interest on and same with the same with your savings, right? Yes. If you're going to save for Christmas, make sure you put that money in something that can earn interest if possible.

Mary: [00:16:39] Yes. 

Chris: [00:16:40] Not the stock market, because you could lose right. Or win either way. It's quite a [00:16:45] gamble though. Right? I would put it in something like a money market or, um, or just, uh, an interest bearing savings account would be good too. 

Mary: [00:16:52] Look at me taking him right off task again. You 

Chris: [00:16:55] are awesome. 

Mary: [00:16:56] Thank you. 

Chris: [00:16:56] You are awesome.

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Forget everything you think you know about budgeting and prepare to experience total control. Just go to w H T [00:17:30] N a B that's w H T app and get 34 days free to try it out. You won't regret it. [00:17:45] So, what are the benefits of budgeting? We talked about them, some of them already, right?

Yeah. Less stress. 

Mary: [00:17:52] That's the biggest one. 

Chris: [00:17:54] How many times have you felt anxious when you've gone shopping? 

Mary: [00:17:58] Um, I used to feel it [00:18:00] every time right now. I feel it when I put it into wine app and it tells me that I went over. Yes. And then I know that. I'm going to get the wet floors. When I get, 

Chris: [00:18:09] of course you are, we have a budget stick to it.

Right, right. [00:18:15] Um, the other thing is no interest. You're not going to pay interest on a credit card. If you are using cash. Now, a lot of people don't like to use cash. They don't like to walk around with wads of money. Um, I. Don't like to do that. Of course, I'd rather use [00:18:30] my debit card, which you can, right.

That's just like using cash. So, um, instead of using money to pay interest and fees, With credit cards, you're just going to buy stuff with cash or your debit card, which is great. There's also less of a risk [00:18:45] of being hacked, right? So if you go to a store like target or TJ max or whatever, uh, there's a whopping list of stores whose databases have been breached by hackers.

They steal credit and debit card numbers and do a little Christmas [00:19:00] shopping of their own. Right? So using cash, like I said, Great idea, debit cards and credit debit cards in particular, um, banks are getting, you know, pretty keen on, you know, doing investigations fairly quickly so that [00:19:15] you are not going to be, um, charged for those things.

You're not going to get charged back. Um, and then they'll give you a new number, a new account number, a new debit card really quickly. So I'm not even worried about that. Um, some other [00:19:30] things, uh, Surprises aren't given away, right? Yeah. So you remember when we were younger earlier in our marriage, we were very smart.

We would share an Amazon account and we could see whatever each other was [00:19:45] buying, 

Mary: [00:19:45] but I wasn't smart enough to look. I 

Chris: [00:19:48] was. So, but there were no surprises for me because I knew everything I was getting for Christmas because my email was the one that was going, Hey, thanks for the order, right? 

Mary: [00:19:58] Yeah, the toiletries.

Yeah. [00:20:00] But now we have our own Amazon account. 

Chris: [00:20:03] Yes. And you can, uh, if you don't know how to do that, you can link up. Uh, family accounts. So, um, so, you know, you'll get one prime, [00:20:15] uh, charge and the whole family can have their own separate accounts. So you can set that up, which makes it really easy and, uh, makes it so that you're not having, um, you know, you're not giving up surprises for Christmas.

Mary: [00:20:28] Yes. But if you're [00:20:30] doing the cash only because you're like really. Ramping it up. Yeah. You want to make sure you're not really using the, the Amazon for that though. 

Chris: [00:20:41] True, true. Although you can, let me tell you if [00:20:45] you use Amazon and you just want to throw your entire budget. Your entire category of cash into that with your debit card.

Yeah. It's very secure. Right? And then you have a, an Amazon cash account [00:21:00] that you can use to buy all your purchases on Amazon. The only problem with that is what, if you see something in the store and you've already thrown all your money, maybe not throw all your money into the Amazon account. Right. Save some of it so that you have cash to buy stuff.

When, when you're at [00:21:15] yes. At the food court, 

Mary: [00:21:17] at, or at a small business. 

Chris: [00:21:18] Yes. Small business. Um, uh, the, the final thing that makes it awesome 

Mary: [00:21:23] is my favorite part. It's the best gift you can give it to yourself and your spouse. 

Chris: [00:21:27] What is it? 

Mary: [00:21:28] It is you have [00:21:30] nothing to pay off next year, 

Chris: [00:21:32] correct? Correct. I've taught you so well, I know you have, it's a bummer.

Right. It's a bummer to get through Christmas. Yeah. Cause I remember being that dad [00:21:45] sitting there at Christmas, watching the kids open all this stuff and they love everything. We got them. And when they were done, even before they're done, I just felt a sense of stress. 

Mary: [00:21:58] You don't love it as much as I feel [00:22:00] stressed 

Chris: [00:22:00] right now, I'm thinking in my head.

How am I going to pay for this throughout the year? Right. Which I mean, 

Mary: [00:22:10] and then when you pay it off, it's like Christmas is three weeks from now. 

Chris: [00:22:14] Yeah. And now it [00:22:15] starts all over again. Right. So 

Mary: [00:22:19] we don't want to have, 

Chris: [00:22:20] so what other things can you budget for that happened once a year? Do you think you're the one that comes to mind for me?

Go ahead. 

Mary: [00:22:27] Our anniversary. 

Chris: [00:22:29] Uh, that's not the one I [00:22:30] was thinking 

Mary: [00:22:30] of. 

Chris: [00:22:32] I was thinking school, clothes when the kids were younger, 

Mary: [00:22:36] they went to school, right? Yeah. Now jammies. 

Chris: [00:22:41] Right? Um, that's a big one, right? Yeah, we would, we would [00:22:45] budget for, um, you mentioned it earlier, vacations that's once a year, once every couple of years, whatever.

And to be 

Mary: [00:22:51] fair, we decided to do vacation instead of Christmas presents. And that was a family decision some 

Chris: [00:22:57] years. Yeah. 

Mary: [00:22:57] And. The only thing that [00:23:00] grown and gave us was both. 

Chris: [00:23:01] Yes, that's true. 

Mary: [00:23:03] Right. We had to pay for both this year. 

Chris: [00:23:05] Yeah. Because we, well, we paid for the vacation this year, last year, 

Mary: [00:23:10] but the plane tickets this year, which were more than the vacations, 

Chris: [00:23:14] that's [00:23:15] true.

Yeah. So, so yeah, it's and there's other things that you can think of. I'm sure that, you know, the one, the other thing that comes to mind for me is car maintenance, right? 

Mary: [00:23:24] Oh yeah. And, and summer, uh, and spring time, home maintenance like [00:23:30] flowers and, uh, weed killer, all the, all the things. 

Chris: [00:23:34] Right. And one thing I don't have in the budget that we should probably put in the budget now is what 

Mary: [00:23:39] college 

Chris: [00:23:40] now, what happened this week?

What did we have to pay for [00:23:45] this 

Mary: [00:23:45] septic? 

Chris: [00:23:46] We had to have the septic tank pumped, 

Mary: [00:23:48] but that's an emergency fund. 

Chris: [00:23:49] No, it's not. I didn't take it out of the emergency fund. I took it out of the home fund because it's something that you should do every three to five years. Okay. So that will be put in. So, which is funny, cause it's like [00:24:00] 500 bucks, right?

So 500 bucks over three years, you know, roughly $160, $170 a year. So what's that like 

Mary: [00:24:10] 10 bucks, 10, 11, 15, 

Chris: [00:24:12] 15 bucks a month. I don't know. I'm not that [00:24:15] good at math. That quickly, at least. Yeah. So those are some things that you can do that. And, you know, you heard the ad or the, you know, the affiliate ad for wine app, this program.

And again, we've talked about it before. It's a tool that can really [00:24:30] help you budget better. Uh, and it allows you to keep track of those things. So if you're spending $1,200 at Christmas, you set a goal for a hundred dollars a month. It tells you exactly how much to save each and every month. 

Mary: [00:24:43] And don't, they have like a [00:24:45] YouTube channel or something where they like talk about and you can look up different things on what to do.

Cause I see you watching them. 

Chris: [00:24:52] Yeah. They do have a video channel. W this is another great, uh, great thing about. Why NAB is that they really believe in [00:25:00] their product and they believe in helping people. So they have all these videos that show you how to use it. Uh, w you know, how to set up categories and, and really just how to live life with money, not just budgeting, but, [00:25:15] you know, uh, retirement and, you know, uh, education, all that stuff.

So it's, it's a great, it's a great site. Um, I put our affiliate link in the show notes. If you want to try it free for 34 days, feel free to do that. [00:25:30] And if you do. Shoot us an email and let us know what you think. Cause we absolutely love it. Quote me. Look, we often we know what equipment review, but we [00:25:45] don't focus.

And now a quotation profound. Yay. The dictionary. What do you think about the new quote 

Mary: [00:25:55] music? Oh my gosh. I was slick. Um, I got so much to say, I love it. Who is [00:26:00] that? I love her, 

Chris: [00:26:02] my 

Mary: [00:26:02] classroom. Cool. Me. She said, 

Chris: [00:26:07] what is the quote of the week? Mary 

Mary: [00:26:08] I quote of the week is Christmas is the season of peace and Goodwill till you go [00:26:15] shopping and get the bill.

Chris: [00:26:16] Hey, that rhymes. That's more than a that's more than I quote, that's a, that's a poem 

Mary: [00:26:22] haiku. It's not really, 

Chris: [00:26:24] it's not a high IQ. I always forget what a haiku is. It's like a, it's like three syllables, five syllables, 

[00:26:30] Mary: [00:26:30] seven. 

Chris: [00:26:32] I know some things 

Mary: [00:26:33] and it doesn't right. 

Chris: [00:26:34] It does not. Right. Yeah. But I can't believe, I even remember what a haiku was 

Mary: [00:26:38] thinking about a high Q high Q is that it doesn't, um, rhyme.

And that leaves you kind of with [00:26:45] an emotional dissonance. Like it's like one of the songs ends. Without resolving. Oh, I just got English. Janya 

Chris: [00:26:53] did I like, I understood maybe half those words 

Mary: [00:26:56] you just, 

Chris: [00:26:57] yeah, that's good. That's good stuff.

[00:27:15] [00:27:00] Mary: [00:27:15] thanks for joining us this week. If you'd like to be part of the, we do hard things. Community texts, w D H T P O D two four four two two two and get free updates, news and special offers from us, please. Also, we would appreciate you. So much [00:27:30] if you went to our show on Apple podcasts and gave us a review and a five star rating.

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Okay. [00:28:45] [00:28:30]