Dec. 21, 2020

Your Favorite Holiday Movies

Your Favorite Holiday Movies

 Today on We Do Hard Things:  We asked you to share your favorite holiday movies and you answered.  We’ll share the top 5 responses plus some that didn’t even make any sense and may have been a little disturbing. 

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[00:00:00] Chris: [00:00:00] Today, and we do hard things. We asked you to share your favorite holiday movies and you answered we'll share the top five responses. Plus some that didn't even make any sense and may have been a little disturbing. Let's do this.

courting from Jamison studio. Welcome to the, we do heart. 

Mary: [00:00:36] Thanks 

Chris: [00:00:37] podcast. A conversation about shared experiences, lifting each other up and thriving in a community of people who do hard things. Now, here are your hosts. Chris and Mary Catherine,

[00:01:00] you really liked that new music. 

Mary: [00:01:04] I'm over here doing a little dance in my chair. 

Chris: [00:01:06] Awesome. 

Mary: [00:01:07] Did I give you some oxytocin? 

Chris: [00:01:09] I think so. I 

Mary: [00:01:10] got a little happier when you said 

Chris: [00:01:13] you were really like in it. I liked that song too. Um, it's a song that I think I paid for. 

Mary: [00:01:21] Oh, well done. 

Chris: [00:01:22] It's a no, it's a, uh, you know, uh, royalty-free music place that you can buy music that you can use for stuff like this.

Mary: [00:01:32] You're so good. I'm Mary, Catherine. 

Chris: [00:01:34] Oh yeah. I'm Chris. Nice to 

Mary: [00:01:37] meet you, Chris. 

Chris: [00:01:37] I'm the, I'm the host of this show. That's one of the hosts. You're the other one? 

Mary: [00:01:42] He's the producer host. 

Chris: [00:01:45] I just lead throat clearer. 

Mary: [00:01:49] Yeah. You sound a little froggy and you're in your truck today. 

Chris: [00:01:52] Huh? I've been talking, excuse me.

I've been talking a lot this week. 

Mary: [00:01:57] So Gracie [00:02:00] is in her spot. She's found the spot in your new studio. 

Chris: [00:02:05] Thank you for calling it. Studio, uh, 

Mary: [00:02:07] organization hearing. I really do like this much better than it was before. Well done, sir. 

Chris: [00:02:12] Well, we can look straight across at each other, which is nice, deeply into each other's eyes as we talk about weird stuff.

Mary: [00:02:19] Yeah. Our audience is something else. 

Chris: [00:02:21] Yeah. Boy, when you get, when you get a look at some of the movies that were contributed today to today's show. I mean, you're going to have the classics, of course, but then we have some pretty weird people that listen to the show, 

Mary: [00:02:35] either that, or they have our sense of humor and they nailed it.

Chris: [00:02:39] Right. Hey, speaking of our audience, did you know that we have a listener and Francis I've mentioned this before? 

Mary: [00:02:45] I stayed in Montevallo for awhile. They can call in and tell me how I'm saying it wrong. 

Chris: [00:02:50] There's one person in France that downloads our podcast each and every week since we've been doing it, 

Mary: [00:02:58] dear person in France, can [00:03:00] you let us know where you are, where you live?

Chris: [00:03:03] Um, it's actually, um, you keep talking, I'm going to tell you where they're from. 

Mary: [00:03:07] Yeah, Jacqueline and I went to France on our European tour. Um, and I organized the tour. So it wasn't that wonderful, but we learned the whole transit system, which France has got it going on in transit system. There is no need to have a car in France.

None. You can take buses, trains all over the place. Like they. We loved it. And once the are where we were staying at this Airbnb, once the lady there in her very broken English and my knowing a friend, a French, once we figured out how to communicate with each other, she taught us in that very limited communication style, how to use the transit system and then Jacqueline and I were just like going for broke.

We just went all over the place. 

Chris: [00:03:59] Right. [00:04:00] Yeah. And, 

Mary: [00:04:01] and it's not expensive. No, no, not expensive at all. And the people are lovely and the buses are clean. Huh? Yeah, it was really great. 

Chris: [00:04:10] So, okay. I don't even know how to pronounce this place. Uh, this person listens from cliche difference. 

Mary: [00:04:21] It's spelled 

Chris: [00:04:22] C L I C H Y L L E.

Mary: [00:04:29] I'm sure. You're saying too many, some of the letters 

Chris: [00:04:33] you said the off. 

Mary: [00:04:35] I don't know. 

Chris: [00:04:35] I'm pretty sure. I'm pretty sure that's how it's pronounced. 

Mary: [00:04:37] You have an international number, right? Is it free internationally? 

Chris: [00:04:41] I don't. You mean for what? 

Mary: [00:04:43] Because I want the, I want the person to call in 

Chris: [00:04:46] or I don't think it's free.

Mary: [00:04:48] Uh, I'm sorry. 

Chris: [00:04:50] Um, Oh, yeah. You know, they can call the voicemail. That's free. That's on the internet. That's w DHT [00:05:00] 

Mary: [00:05:00] Okay. So dear listener in France, please call in and let us know how to properly address where you live. So we don't sound like ignorant Americans. 

Chris: [00:05:12] Yes. We want to know who you are because we want to.

See you and say hi, 

Mary: [00:05:19] next time or 

Chris: [00:05:20] whatever that is, right. Or you can say hi to us when you come here. 

Mary: [00:05:23] Yeah. Either one. 

Chris: [00:05:24] Right. 

Mary: [00:05:26] But that on the post COVID list. 

Chris: [00:05:28] Yeah, definitely. 

Mary: [00:05:29] Um, it is the first day of. Winter break for all teachers in our area. And I'm one of them, students and students, well, students who don't have any missing assignments.

I got all my work done before I left. Yeah. So I'm very excited. I feel good about it. Um, a little, a little sad. Yeah, because 2020 is ending or we're going into 2021 and I know everybody's like. [00:06:00] Good riddance 2020, but I feel like 20, 21 is going to kind of be a hot mess. 

Chris: [00:06:05] Well, I saw a meme this week that said watch out for 2021 because now they're going to be able to drink because they turned 

Mary: [00:06:13] 21.

Oh, that's 

Chris: [00:06:15] right. Yeah. Yeah. So it's, it's, you know, hopefully with the vaccine and hopefully, hopefully things will start to open up. Maybe it'll get better, but I think that's going to be some time it's going to take some time. I mean, we're not going to not, everybody's going to get vaccinated. It might be five to six months if not longer.


Mary: [00:06:36] yes. Uh, 

Chris: [00:06:37] so we'll see. Um, I think, you know, This has been a crazy year. Um, a lot of things have changed. We're missing out on a lot of traditions during the holiday season. I know you can't spend a lot of time with family, if any. 

Mary: [00:06:52] Yep. I do have a surprise for you. I didn't mean to cut you off in the middle of your thought.

I'm good at it though. 

Chris: [00:06:57] I'll never get that thought back. 

Mary: [00:06:58] Do you have it still? Nope. 

[00:07:00] Chris: [00:07:00] Oh, sorry. That's okay. It's worth it. Okay. What's a surprise. 

Mary: [00:07:04] Um, I talked to your mom this morning. 

Chris: [00:07:06] Okay. She made 

Mary: [00:07:07] tamales for us for Christmas. 

Chris: [00:07:10] Yeah. So that's a tradition that will carry on through the pandemic. 

Mary: [00:07:15] Yes. I love it.

Chris: [00:07:17] I love tamales. My mom is Mexican, so I'm half Mexican and it's a tradition that we. Uh, make tamales 

Mary: [00:07:25] as a family and we didn't get to do it this year, but she made them for each one of us. 

Chris: [00:07:29] I saw that she posted on Facebook that she made like 

Mary: [00:07:32] five dozen. Yeah. So she made one for each of the boys and one for her 

Chris: [00:07:37] by herself.

Mary: [00:07:38] Yeah. Yeah. That's a lot. 

Chris: [00:07:40] Yeah. So anyways, I would long with movie or along with tamales, other things are like movies, right? 

Mary: [00:07:46] Yes. It's a wonderful life is our movie was your movie and then it became our movie. Right. 

Chris: [00:07:50] Right. And there's a lot of people that have different thoughts on what their favorite holiday or Christmas movies are.

There's sure there's a ton out there. [00:08:00] And there is a more made every year. Some from the hallmark channel that are completely. Corny 

Mary: [00:08:08] and wonderful 

Chris: [00:08:09] and still wonderful. 

Mary: [00:08:10] My mom only watches the hallmark channel now. Really? Yeah. She turned off all news and she's watching. I know this is big news. 

Chris: [00:08:17] It should good for her.

Mary: [00:08:18] Yeah. Cause she said, I heard she's. That's how she's dealing with distress right now. 

Chris: [00:08:22] Nice. Hallmark movies, 

Mary: [00:08:24] hallmark movies, because 

Chris: [00:08:25] better than the therapist, predictable, 

Mary: [00:08:28] it always is mushy. The people don't like each other first and then they fall in love. 

Chris: [00:08:33] Right. 

Mary: [00:08:33] Christmas is always perfect. Yeah. 

Chris: [00:08:36] I like that kind of movie.

Yeah. It's just like, I mean, it's a wonderful life. Ends up with a great happy ending. Right. Yeah. So anyways, we have, we ask people to submit their favorite holiday movies and we've got, we got a bunch of ones that we were like, man, that's pretty dead on. Right. That's what I would have said. Right? If you Google holiday movies, best holiday movies, there's [00:09:00] probably a million different blog posts about their favorite movies during the holidays.

Mary: [00:09:05] Right. 

Chris: [00:09:05] Some of the same movies are on all those lists. Right. And it wasn't, it was the same with this list today. Uh, the list from people that sent us stuff. But first of all, I want to thank everybody for sending us their favorites. That was very kind of you to be a part of this. I want to call out to listeners in particular, uh, Reiner.

And Kurt who were the first ones to respond, uh, appreciate them listening to the show and offering their encouragement to us, uh, as we continue this podcast. But really thank you to everybody that's listened this year and hopefully you'll continue to ride with us as we go into 2021, where we hope to kind of turn a corner and start to really interview people.

That we think do hard things or have done hard things and can be an inspiration to not [00:10:00] just us, but everybody that listens. That is our goal for 2021. And, uh, we're gonna, w we're looking forward to seeing how that turns out. I think we have some really good guests, uh, lined up. Or we'll be lined up. 

Mary: [00:10:15] They just need to know.

Chris: [00:10:16] They just don't know it 

Mary: [00:10:17] yet. I hope you're excited. People 

Chris: [00:10:21] will, you'll be seeing some information from us via email or Facebook messenger, um, here in the near future, probably within this week. Um, just reaching out to people that we want to have on the show so that we can share their story. We are fortunate enough to have a lot of friends.

A lot of family who are very inspirational, have done amazing things in their lives that have done amazingly hard things in their lives, too. And we want to share that, uh, with all of you to show you that life doesn't [00:11:00] have to always be hard and you can get through those hard times. And get to a place that is better.

And that's what we're hoping to share with everybody this coming year. Don't you agree? 

Mary: [00:11:12] I agree. Whole heartedly. Cheers. Cheers to that. 

Chris: [00:11:15] Yeah. Right. So we're looking forward to sharing that with you in 2021, but today 

Mary: [00:11:20] them to start with it's 

Chris: [00:11:23] movie time, right? 

Mary: [00:11:25] Let's go. 

Chris: [00:11:25] All right.

So first off, we're going to start off with some pretty weird movies. Now these weren't actually, uh, did not make the cut. These were one-offs. Okay. Okay. And I want to share these because I call them weird ones and I'm not sure if that is meant for the name or the type of movie, or if it's. The people that actually submitted 

Mary: [00:11:59] them 

[00:12:00] Chris: [00:12:01] and decide 

Mary: [00:12:02] I've seen one of these 

Chris: [00:12:03] no way.

I've never seen any of 

Mary: [00:12:05] these. I've seen one. 

Chris: [00:12:07] So let me take you down a path. Um, and so the first two, two movies are from the eighties actually, which is a time of great 

Mary: [00:12:14] horror movie. 

Chris: [00:12:15] Great time. When we, when we grew up, the first movie is from 1984. It's called silent night, deadly night. It was banned across America.

It's a Thrasher movie, which is what you want to see at Christmas time, probably for 

Mary: [00:12:30] real. Right. 

Chris: [00:12:32] And I love the tagline of this movie. Do you want to read it 

Mary: [00:12:36] now? Uh, now Santa is back and he's got a brand new bag of tricks silent 

Chris: [00:12:43] night, deadly night. Oh my God. Doesn't that sound like? You're great. Maybe if you are interested in watching that, I don't know where he is.

I like 

Mary: [00:12:51] the warning is that it was banned across America and think of all the things we can do in America and it was banned, right? That's how bad the movie. 

[00:13:00] Chris: [00:12:59] Bad. 

Mary: [00:13:00] Yeah. I have not seen this one. 

Chris: [00:13:02] Next one from 1989. ELDs not elf ELLs. Is this the one you've seen? Okay. This movie, let me give you the synopsis on this one.

If you haven't seen it Christmas written all over it, 

Mary: [00:13:19] it does. It just drives you home, right? Yeah. 

Chris: [00:13:22] A Nazi doctor obsessed with eugenics decided to create a hybrid race of elves. Who terrorize a small town 

Mary: [00:13:31] during Christmas 

Chris: [00:13:33] Christmas, the only one who can save the day is Mike McGavin, who is Dan Haggerty played by Dan Haggerty of the old show from the seventies, grizzly Adams.

For those of you in our generation that loved grizzly Adams, he's a Renegade Santa Claus was in this movie and these elves are just terrors. And the [00:14:00] tagline for this movie was they don't work for Santa anymore. Isn't that scary? 

Mary: [00:14:07] It was really scary. And I can tell you why I watched this 

Chris: [00:14:09] movie. I can't wait to hear this story.

Mary: [00:14:10] Okay. So my biological dad looks like Dan  and when I was a kid, I would watch grizzly Adams and pretend that I was watching my dad. Which is sad, 

Chris: [00:14:23] but maybe the saddest story I've ever heard in my entire life. 

Mary: [00:14:26] I never saw him. He never got to see him. So it was like, I just on Saturdays. Cause I think it was on grizzly Adams was on a Saturday or something.

And so I would watch it and I'd be like, I know he's out there doing this, but anyway, um, I watched everything with him in it. So I remember going to like the movie rental place and just watching 

Chris: [00:14:48] this. That's a very sad story. 

Mary: [00:14:51] I have lots, but I didn't, I don't think it's sad. I'm just telling you a little bit of my childhood.

Chris: [00:14:56] All right. Well, thank you for sharing that 

[00:15:00] Mary: [00:14:59] Merry Christmas to you. 

Chris: [00:15:02] Holiday season. 

Mary: [00:15:03] I don't know why I can slip into depression so easily. 

Chris: [00:15:07] All right. The third weird one. Okay. Okay. Are you ready? I 

Mary: [00:15:13] haven't seen this one. 

Chris: [00:15:14] Ginger dead, man. 

Mary: [00:15:16] I didn't even see the dead. I just stopped bread when I was looking at it.

Right. Right. 

Chris: [00:15:22] When I saw it, I was like, Oh, gingerbread man. I've never seen that. It must be pretty good. I liked gingerbread 

Mary: [00:15:27] sunshades or dead man. 

Chris: [00:15:29] Yeah. Two words, 

Mary: [00:15:31] ginger dead. 

Chris: [00:15:32] No two words. She is a star of this movie. He's a convicted killer named check this name out. Millard Findel Meyer. He sent to the electric chair only to return as a gingerbread bank cookie with a vengeance.


Mary: [00:15:51] my gosh. This is wrong. 

Chris: [00:15:53] Tagline. 

Mary: [00:15:55] Evil never tasted so good. 

Chris: [00:15:58] Right, right. Does that not sound [00:16:00] like the best holiday movie ever? 

Mary: [00:16:01] I don't get it. Do you eat the gingerbread man? 

Chris: [00:16:03] I don't know. I've never seen it. But I thought it would be good that to add it to the list because it's definite 

Mary: [00:16:10] what's wrong with you.


Chris: [00:16:12] I don't know what's wrong with these people, 

Mary: [00:16:14] you know, who I think submitted these who 

Chris: [00:16:16] Ryner it wasn't him. Oh my God. No, it wasn't him. He has one of the top five. So we do have an honorable mention because we had a lot of people that sent movies in. Some people sent him lots of them. So thank you for that.

Um, honorable mention jingle all the way, the famous, uh, Arnold Schwartzenegger Sinbad. 

Mary: [00:16:40] Yes. 

Chris: [00:16:41] Uh, movie we show, I think I shared a clip with it on last week's episode, you know, who I love in this movie, Phil Hartman, Phil Hartman plays a small role in the movie and he's amazing. And I miss him. He was such a great comedian.

Mary: [00:16:58] He was. 

[00:17:00] Chris: [00:16:59] A Christmas story right next on the list. Everybody knows that they show it every year, many times, I think on TBS, they showed over and over it. I liked that movie. I wouldn't put it in my top five and it didn't make our top five. But what I love about that movie. And it's just all these little vignettes right.

Of little stories. And I like the narrator and the it's just a great movie about Christmas time. Cause it kind of takes you back, even though it's a time before our, our childhoods, it does kind of take you back and it's pretty universal. Right. Did you like that movie? 

Mary: [00:17:34] I did. Yeah. Isn't that the one where the kid likes to pull.

Chris: [00:17:37] Yes. 

Mary: [00:17:38] I always think of that. And I always want to like a pole. I was that little kid who was like, Oh, I wonder if that really happens. 

Chris: [00:17:46] Right. 

Mary: [00:17:47] It's ADHD and action. For real. 

Chris: [00:17:49] Yeah. It will get stuck to the pole. 

Mary: [00:17:50] Yeah, it will. Yeah. 

Chris: [00:17:52] It's really hot. Everyone 

Mary: [00:17:54] hits again. 

Chris: [00:17:55] Yeah. Uh, next one, 

Mary: [00:17:57] white 

Chris: [00:17:57] Christmas, white Christmas with Ben [00:18:00] Crosby.

Uh, not a lot. It's an older movie. Love it. It's a very good movie. Good music. Great. Yeah. And being great dancing. Yep. Next one. Home alone. 

Mary: [00:18:10] Merry Christmas. Ya filthy animals. 

Chris: [00:18:13] Right? I thought this would make the top five. 

Mary: [00:18:17] It was on my list 

Chris: [00:18:18] there, but I have read up that there's a lot of in this day and age of cancel culture.

There's a lot of people canceling this movie because of how irresponsible the parents were letting going all the way to Paris. And leaving 

Mary: [00:18:34] their kid behind Kevin behind shame for shame. Well, I did wear a sweater with that phrase. Merry Christmas. You filled the animals to school on Friday. Really? Yeah. I actually bought the first year I worked at the school because the student, I just felt like it would make his whole Christmas.


Chris: [00:18:52] Well, it's a good movie. 

Mary: [00:18:54] It is a good movie. 

Chris: [00:18:55] And Joe Peshy and Daniel stern as the bad guys makes it. [00:19:00] Really a good, funny movie. 

Mary: [00:19:01] And I did see on the internet the other day, they had a point that the. Biggest downfall on the plot of the movie was that, um, there's no way they could have slept in with that many kids in that house.

Chris: [00:19:14] Oh yeah. We missed our, we almost missed our flight because none of these teenagers and young kids woke us up on time. That doesn't make any sense. You're right. 

Mary: [00:19:22] Not one bit, 

Chris: [00:19:23] no, but the fact that the kid they left one kid behind is even more ridiculous. You think they would've taken roll back? 

Mary: [00:19:29] Cause he was the biggest pain in the rear end for the family.


Chris: [00:19:34] you know, I really liked Kevin. 

Mary: [00:19:36] I think that it was great that they left him behind because he had all kinds of resilience and grit by the end of that, like he really showed, like, they should appreciate him a little better. He's a very smart kid. Yeah. That's true. 

Chris: [00:19:47] Yeah. And where did, where did he get him home alone too, 

Mary: [00:19:51] right?

Chris: [00:19:51] It didn't help at all. They left him again. Didn't they? I never saw it. I'm pretty sure 

Mary: [00:19:56] those kinds of movies. The only thing that was good twice was the [00:20:00] second time, better than the first time was the. Guardians of the galaxy. 

Chris: [00:20:04] Oh yeah, that was a good movie. Not a Christmas movie. 

Mary: [00:20:07] No, no. Back on track. 

Chris: [00:20:08] The next one is, uh, one of my favorites not, did not make the top five love.

Actually. Now this movie gets a lot. Of, uh, crap for lack of a better word. 

Mary: [00:20:23] Yes. Okay. And 

Chris: [00:20:24] go ahead, give me your thoughts and then I'll give you mine about 

Mary: [00:20:28] this. I remember how excited, you know, when your kids get older and you're very excited to watch a movie with 

Chris: [00:20:32] them. Oh yeah. You want to share Shawshank redemption, 

Mary: [00:20:35] right?

All these movies. And I remember we were specifically all bundled up together, watching it with Jacqueline and there's some scenes we forgot about. 

Chris: [00:20:47] Oh, there's a lot of scenes we forgot about 

Mary: [00:20:49] and it got awkward real fast, 

Chris: [00:20:51] real fast. 

Mary: [00:20:52] And 

Chris: [00:20:53] why in the heck would you put. Porn star stand-ins [00:21:00] in a Christmas movie.

How could that be a plot point? Why would that be a plot point in a Christmas movie? 

Mary: [00:21:05] Unless you're trying to hit every single demographic. It's not necessary. There's children in it. There's a children's storyline in it, right. It's supposed to be about love and redemption and acceptance and whatever. And 

Chris: [00:21:19] I'm glad this didn't make another top five.

Mary: [00:21:21] Yeah. 

Chris: [00:21:22] I I'll be honest. I love the movie. 

Mary: [00:21:25] I mean, I love the movie too. It's really good, but just don't watch it with your kids 

Chris: [00:21:30] your first time. Right. 

Mary: [00:21:32] As you think they're old enough, and then you realize this is awkward. 

Chris: [00:21:36] Yeah. So the next one, yeah, that's honorable mention. Has many different versions, 

Mary: [00:21:43] right?

Chris: [00:21:44] Many different versions. This is the one universally I think, or at least a majority love this one the most. And that's a Christmas Carol. And that's the one with Alistair SIM. And that's the old one from [00:22:00] the, I think I want to say the forties, it's a really good one. And people love that movie. This movie's been done.

Over and over and over again, I think. Uh, Oh, uh, what's his name? John C. Scott. No, 

Mary: [00:22:17] uh didn't uh, 

Chris: [00:22:20] who played? Who played him? 

Mary: [00:22:23] You know, who played the drunk? No, no, 

Chris: [00:22:25] no. Who? Yeah, he did too. Who played Patton something? See, George C. Scott played, played, played, uh, in the Christmas, Carol. Um, Ebeneezer Scrooge. That was a pretty good one too.

Right. Um, so yeah, 

Mary: [00:22:39] I did like the cartoon with, uh, Jim Carey Jim Carey. 

Chris: [00:22:43] That was good too. 

Mary: [00:22:44] Yeah. Thanks for remembering his actual name. 

Chris: [00:22:46] Yeah. Yeah. It's uh, you know, there's so many versions of that movie and we're actually going to talk about one of the versions of in the top five. 

Mary: [00:22:53] Okay. 

Chris: [00:22:54] Uh, and then the last one honorable mention was miracle on 34th street and another movie that's been remade several times.

[00:23:00] My favorite is a 1947 one where Eben Glenn, I think his name is played the Santa and that, um, I want to say the girl was played by. Um, uh, what was her name? I can't remember. She was also in rebel without a cause as a teenager. Uh, she was married to Robert. Wagner's telling me this. I don't know. 

Mary: [00:23:25] Is she the one that died?

Yes. That went off the boat? Yes. I can't remember her name 

Chris: [00:23:29] either. What's her name? Did you ever see that movie? 

Mary: [00:23:34] Let's look it up. 

Chris: [00:23:35] Okay. You look it up. What I like about Merck miracle on 34th street is it's. It's just trying to get to the heart of, uh, how we as adults start to forget about how wonderful, the idea of giving and Christmases.

Right. Now we all know, uh, Christmas is based on the birth of Jesus, which is a [00:24:00] great story and something we believe in, but the whole idea of giving and, and being together as a family is a wonderful theme in this movie. And I love it and I love every version of it for the most part. Yeah, who played? Uh, does it start with Natalie Wood?

I just, it just came to me, Natalie Wood. I just saw her face. Yes. I said Edmund Glenn. 

Mary: [00:24:29] I was close Moreno. Hara John Payne, Alvin Greenman. 

Chris: [00:24:35] None of those people ring a bell. 

Mary: [00:24:36] Jean Lockhart. 

Chris: [00:24:38] Okay. I think we got enough. Jerome 

Mary: [00:24:39] Komen. Okay. 

Chris: [00:24:40] Cohen. Yes. So those are our honorable mentions. 

Mary: [00:24:44] Yes. 

Chris: [00:24:45] So we had to narrow it down to five movies.

This was hard based on everybody's input, but I feel pretty good about the movies. And we're going to talk [00:25:00] about each one. I like the smile. Smiling is my favorite.

bye-bye God seeing a cure. I know him. I know him. I love that movie and I love that scene. 

Mary: [00:25:19] I know him

Chris: [00:25:23] will. Ferrell is a comedic genius. I think it's fair to say. He is hilarious in this movie. He is, uh, He pulls on your heartstrings. 

Mary: [00:25:34] He does. I really love this movie. Yes. I just love it. 

Chris: [00:25:38] In my opinion now is a, uh, it's a holiday tradition. It's uh, it's one of those ones you have to see every year and it doesn't hurt that Zoe de Chanel's in it.

And because she has a very nice voice. Yep. It doesn't hurt that. Bob Newhart isn't it. Who is hilarious? 

Mary: [00:25:56] Yep. 

Chris: [00:25:57] And, uh, I just love that movie. 

Mary: [00:25:59] I show [00:26:00] this movie in my classroom when I have kids at Christmas time. That's awesome. And it's really good because there's so many social situations that elf doesn't get.

And there's so many social norms that we have that make you go, huh? It would be better if we just. Acted more like this. Right. And I mean, how, how much drudgery was the mailroom until elf started working there. True. Right, right. And then he just goes into everything like this ism, 

Chris: [00:26:31] he just has this childlike energy about everything.

Yes. And curiosity. 

Mary: [00:26:37] Yeah. And I think for my students, it's a little, uh, they can connect to it because we work on social stuff. Right. And so, yeah, it's fun. 

Chris: [00:26:47] Well, I love that movie and, uh, we will hopefully watch it here this week. At some point I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States [00:27:00] of America and to the Republic for which it stands one nation

Amen. Amen. 

Mary: [00:27:14] Amen. 

Chris: [00:27:16] You may wonder why I chose that clip for Christmas vacation national Lampoon's Christmas vacation. Why did I choose that clip? Do you think? 

Mary: [00:27:25] I don't know. Why did you choose it? 

Chris: [00:27:27] Well, it was the only one I can find that didn't have a bunch of swear words in it 

Mary: [00:27:33] and that's true and 

Chris: [00:27:34] I'm not so good at the beeping out bleeping out.

Mary: [00:27:37] But I also thought it was really great because everybody was quiet and that's w sometimes during the holidays we have those relatives that come and they just, our little odd and everyone's just patient with them. And then they're like, amen. 

Chris: [00:27:55] And I forget her name in the movie and hurt the aunt that does, she's [00:28:00] asked to say grace, and she ends up saying the pledge of allegiance.

And it's just so funny. And there's so many funny scenes in that movie, uh, that unfortunately I couldn't share because they are very packed full of, of bad language, but. It's I think it's a classic. I think, I think it should be seen by everybody 

Mary: [00:28:23] swearing. It's funny. Sometimes. 

Chris: [00:28:25] Sometimes it can be right. Um, I totally, totally agree.

If you give then you, then it can happen, then the miracle could happen to you. It's not just the poor in the hungriest. It's everybody. Who's got to have this miracle. And it can happen tonight for all of you. If you believe in this spirit thing, you, the miracle happened and then you'll want it to happen again tomorrow, you won't be one of these.

Fasters just says Christmas is once a year and it's a fraud. It's not, it can happen every day. You've just got to want that feeling. And if you like it and you want it, you'll get greedy for it. You'll want [00:29:00] every day, your life. And it can happen to you. I don't, I believe in it now. I believe it's going to happen to me now.

I'm ready for it. It's great. It's a good feeling. It's, it's really better than I felt in a long time. I love that scene. That's the ending scene of Scrooge. This is our number three spoiler alert movie of, of, of this list. Um, it's obviously a very rough, um, adaptation of a Christmas Carol. Very different.

When you have bill Murray, you're 

Mary: [00:29:37] not going to get you 

Chris: [00:29:38] can't go wrong. No, right. Bill Murray is in my opinion, a genius. 

Mary: [00:29:43] Yes. And now that I know that he just. Wanders around and joins people in their lives. 

Chris: [00:29:49] Yes. I want 

Mary: [00:29:51] him to join me in my life. 

Chris: [00:29:52] We watched a documentary about him that shows that. Like him with just normal people that he just [00:30:00] meets and he's like, Hey, uh, let's go hang out.

And he just does. 

Mary: [00:30:04] He just joins their party. And then I saw the other day that he was, he went to, uh, something like a play or something and all the people behind him, he bought all the tickets in the Playhouse and then he handed them out for free to people that were standing behind him. Wow. Yeah. So, I don't know if it was like a concert or whatever, but it was like at a Playhouse, 

Chris: [00:30:25] the fact that he would just be waiting in line for tickets.

So it tells you something about him. He's just a normal dude. Right? But this movie is jam packed full of awesome performances by bill Murray. 

Mary: [00:30:38] Yeah, I haven't seen this in her 

Chris: [00:30:40] forever. Oh really? 

Mary: [00:30:41] I don't ever remember it. 

Chris: [00:30:42] It also has, um, uh, Robert Mitchum. It has Buster Poindexter. It has Carol 

Mary: [00:30:50] Kane, 

Chris: [00:30:51] right? It has, uh, uh, what's her name from the first Indiana Jones.

Uh, he played the love interest. I [00:31:00] can't remember her name right now. I want to say Nancy something, but, uh, it's just a great, great movie. And again, just like all the Christmas Carol movies, uh, you know, has a great ending and kind of shares about the whole idea of, you know, finding what happiness is and finding happiness through Christmas.

Which is a wonderful thing that you can do every year. 

Mary: [00:31:29] Marion Ravenwood. 

Chris: [00:31:30] Yes. Who played her? 

Mary: [00:31:33] Uh, Karen Allen. Karen 

Chris: [00:31:37] Allen. Yes. She's great. Yeah, that was a very, very good movie. 

Mary: [00:31:42] You haven't lost it. 

Chris: [00:31:43] I know. I still got it. 

Mary: [00:31:44] Yeah. 

Chris: [00:31:46] Kind of an angel. I've got sort of fallen angel. RJ. What happened to your wings? I haven't won my wings yet.

That's why my name's was second 

Mary: [00:31:53] class. 

Chris: [00:31:54] I don't know whether I like it very much being seen around and angel out on your way. 

Mary: [00:31:58] Oh, I've 

Chris: [00:31:59] got to learn them [00:32:00] and you'll help me

by letting me help you. Yeah. I mean, one way you can help me. You don't have to have 8,000 bucks. Yeah. Oh no, we don't use money 

Mary: [00:32:13] and I haven't. 

Chris: [00:32:14] Oh, I keep forgetting. It comes in pretty handy down here, Bob.

Mary: [00:32:22] Comes in handy, 

Chris: [00:32:24] pretty heavy down here, but my, this is number two. It's a wonderful life. If you don't know, if you haven't 

Mary: [00:32:31] seen this in number two. 

Chris: [00:32:33] Because it was it's it's number one in my, on my list and number one in my heart. 

Mary: [00:32:38] Yeah. 

Chris: [00:32:39] But it did not make number one on her list, which I'm sure people that are listening here, like right now, what could be number one?

And some people might go, I know what it is, but 

Mary: [00:32:50] you don't, 

Chris: [00:32:51] they might, they might know. I, let me just say something about this movie. I did not watch. It's a wonderful life until I was in my [00:33:00] twenties. Never saw it. Wasn't something that we sat down and watched when I was a kid. I'm not even sure if it was on TV that much when I was a kid.

Right. So it's very interesting that it took me that long to actually watch the movie. And I loved it. I loved it. And there are times when I was single and would watch it multiple times during the year by myself. 

Mary: [00:33:24] I just think the quick humor 

Chris: [00:33:26] it's 

Mary: [00:33:27] and I can see why you wouldn't get it until you're older, right.

Until you're in your twenties. 

Chris: [00:33:32] Yeah. Yeah. Very wholesome. Um, very good story. Wasn't really a hit. When it came out, it wasn't a hit, it was kind of a cult classic years on. Now it's a staple for people to watch during the holiday season. And I love, um, Jimmy Stewart and I love, uh, just everything about the movie.

And I love watching it every year, even multiple times every year, because I feel [00:34:00] like no matter what, every year, I feel something different, different about the movie because I'm in a different place. So something means something different to me, something more, something. Better. Yeah. 

Mary: [00:34:13] Yeah. I like the, uh, dance off.


Chris: [00:34:17] yeah. 

Mary: [00:34:17] That's my favorite scene. And yeah. Plus I secretly want us to build a pool in our community that. 

Chris: [00:34:24] Yeah, there's a basketball court on top of it. 

Mary: [00:34:26] Like, I feel like the only way we'll be able to get one is if I sell it, like it'll have a wrestling mats on the top, or it'll 

Chris: [00:34:32] like, 

Mary: [00:34:32] the floor opens up and there's a pool.

You can use it for all kinds of things, fall in it during a dance. It'll be amazing. 

Chris: [00:34:40] All right. That, so that brings us to number one. Do you have any idea? 

Mary: [00:34:45] No. 

Chris: [00:34:46] Sure. 

Mary: [00:34:47] Yes. I know what it is. I can see it, but I cannot believe it. And I just don't understand why it's 

Chris: [00:34:53] a Christian. I want radio silence until further.

Sorry, hands. I didn't get that message. [00:35:00] If you should have put it on a bulletin board. Where's Tony and Mark on his friend here. I figured you and Carl and Frank on might be a little lonely. So I wanted to give you a call. How does he know so much about. This is very kind of mysterious product crash, most troublesome for a security guard, eh, sorry, hands wrong guests.

Mary: [00:35:27] Would you like to go for double 

Chris: [00:35:28] jeopardy where the scores can really 

Mary: [00:35:29] change?

Chris: [00:35:35] These are very bad for you. Who are you then? Just the fly in the ointment, Hearns to the monkey in the ring. Uh, I can see on your face that you're not a fan. Are you not a fan of the movie? Are you not a fan of this as a Christmas movie? 

Mary: [00:35:55] I'm not a fan of it as a Christmas movie, 

Chris: [00:35:58] but it's during a Christmas [00:36:00] party, that's the argument that people present.

The movie takes place during a Christmas party, a work Christmas party. How can it not be a holiday movie? 

Mary: [00:36:10] Because then I'm a holiday theme other than a stupid party. I'm just playing 

Chris: [00:36:14] devil's advocate. 

Mary: [00:36:15] I am a lot of 

Chris: [00:36:16] fan. I love the movie. 

Mary: [00:36:17] I love these words. I love it. 

Chris: [00:36:19] Uh, again, this movie was hard to find a clip 

Mary: [00:36:23] with, uh, 

Chris: [00:36:24] with, you know, good language in it.

But I was able to find some, uh, but very good movie. Yeah. I'm just, it's kind of, for me, this list now becomes very much a let down 

Mary: [00:36:38] controversy, right? Like, come on. People. There are so many good Christmas movies out there. Are we just doing diehard? Because we need to, like, I don't know. Is it an anti Christmas, Christmas movie?

Chris: [00:36:52] I, I don't know, but I can tell you this. Ginger dead man seems more like a Christmas movie than this [00:37:00] one. Silent night, deadly night. Seems like more, I mean, at least at least 

Mary: [00:37:06] sadness. 

Chris: [00:37:07] Right. And so does silent night, deadly night, right? Santa is back and he's got a brand new bag of tricks. 

Mary: [00:37:14] I would like some follow up on this from our listeners.

Like why did you vote for diehard so many times? What is it about this movie that you like? We need more information. 

Chris: [00:37:23] We need more 

Mary: [00:37:25] and maybe we're old and we just like classics too much. 

Chris: [00:37:28] Or yeah. Or as Harrison calls them black and white movies. 

Mary: [00:37:32] Yeah. 

Chris: [00:37:33] Like, is there like a colorized version of that? 

Mary: [00:37:36] Yeah.

Well, I don't know why he, he wants to see things in color so bad. I 

Chris: [00:37:39] don't understand it either. Um, yeah, so that's because he's teenager 

Mary: [00:37:44] and he was in a generation that never had a black and white tea. 

Chris: [00:37:48] That's true. That there is some sort of, I don't know, I'd like to look back and go, what's the word?


Mary: [00:37:57] you know, that you [00:38:00] don't get with color colors too real. 

Chris: [00:38:02] Yeah. 

Mary: [00:38:03] Like you can suspend your reality with black and white, a little easier cause you have to suspend it anyway. 

Chris: [00:38:08] Maybe we should see diehard and black and white during 

Mary: [00:38:11] Christmas. Well, Harrison also views movies differently than we do.

Chris: [00:38:17] Yes, that's true. 

Mary: [00:38:18] And he's not here to 

Chris: [00:38:18] defend himself. So 

Mary: [00:38:21] yeah, it's the worst. Even when he was little, he was like, that's a green screen. And now I was watching, uh, Mandalorian last night. And remember when I said they brought back a loose Skywalkers. Former youthful face. And I was like, Oh, he's not going to like this.

Chris: [00:38:38] Right. 

Mary: [00:38:39] Cause you could kind of tell when he was talking that the words like he is like, may the force, may the force be with you, but you didn't get this. You got the S so it sounded like may the fourth, it looked like may the fourth be with you. So anybody who's deaf watching, Mandalorian's going to get a wrong thing.

But anyway, diehard, I give it a thumbs 

Chris: [00:38:57] down. Okay. If [00:39:00] you, so here's our top five, starting from number one, die hard. It's a wonderful life. Scrooged national Lampoon's Christmas vacation and elf. Is there an order that you would put these movies in, first of all, would diehard be in the top five, 

Mary: [00:39:19] be on the list, 

Chris: [00:39:19] the other four being the top five?

Mary: [00:39:21] Sure. It's a wonderful life for one. Elf would be number two. Uh, National. Okay. I'll I would national event. Lampoon's Christmas vacation would be three. Okay. Um, love actually, before and miracle on 34th street would be five 

Chris: [00:39:41] and Scrooged wouldn't be in there either 

Mary: [00:39:44] not, uh, 

Chris: [00:39:45] Scrooged out. 

Mary: [00:39:46] I did because I don't even remember it.

Chris: [00:39:48] Oh, Well, it's bill Murray, 

Mary: [00:39:50] but we'll have to watch it again. I guess 

Chris: [00:39:51] we should. 

Mary: [00:39:52] Yeah. All right. And then I might change, but what would yours? 

Chris: [00:39:55] Mine would look like this number one, it's a wonderful life. Number [00:40:00] two, elf number three, Scrooged. Number four, the original Christmas Carol with Alistair SIM. I'm not even sure if that's the original, but that's the one I like that would be number four and number five.

Would be, you know what miracle on 34th street. I really love that movie. Yeah, that's a good one. So there you go. That's our top five and we're sticking to it. If you have any comments like Mary Catherine said, please send them to us so that we can share with all those diehard Christmas movie lovers that they're wrong because they are wrong.

Don't you agree? 

Mary: [00:40:43] It's a wonderful 

Chris: [00:40:44] life.

[00:41:00] Mary: [00:41:04] Thanks for joining us this week. We'll be back next Monday with a new episode. It's about how to manage your time when you have, so 

Chris: [00:41:14] we hope you'll join us next week, but until then please have a safe and joyous holiday and a very, very Merry Christmas 

Mary: [00:41:24] Christmas.